Connect2 Marriage Preparation

Laying the foundations for a strong marriage

Connect2 Marriage Preparation


Connect2 Marriage Preparation Workshop aims to help couples address issues that they may face as newlyweds, build a solid foundation in the early years and learn how to really love each other — for life!

We used to resolve conflict by letting the matter rest, or having one party give in. After attending Connect2, we learnt a variety of communication techniques to aid us in conflict resolution and the importance of addressing issues as quickly as possible. I also appreciated the facilitators’ honest sharing of their own experiences; it gave us great insight as to what to expect in our marriage.
– Workshop Participant

Who should attend?
Couples who are considering marriage
Couples who are engaged
Couples in their first year of marriage


Duration of workshops


  • Facilitated by a trained husband-wife couple
  • Insightful & practical tips
  • Group discussions (6-10 couples)
  • Activities for individual couples

Fee: $380 per couple

The fee is inclusive of:

  • $70 rebate* upon completion of the workshop
  • Marriage resources
  • Participants’ workbooks
  • Couple Checkup™ – An online relationship assessment (find out more)
  • An English-speaking licensed solemniser (if required)

Please note that the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) requires the following for the $70 rebate:

  1. Full attendance at the workshop
  2. Both parties must be above 21 years old
  3. One or both parties must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

*Please note that the rebate may take an estimated 2 to 3 months to be processed.

For more information on the mandatory Early Marriage Support Programme for minor couples, please refer to the MSF website.

What to expect

  1. Understand what love, marriage and your vows symbolise
  2. Identify each other's differences and love languages - how to engage in effective communication
  3. Manage healthy conflict and have a good grasp on your family finances
  4. Understand sexual intimacy, the importance of romance and family planning
  5. Learn how to manage expectations from your spouse, children, in-laws while balancing work-life

Connect2 is an initiative by Focus on the Family Singapore to help married couples nurture and grow their relationship.