Every astute leader recognises that human capital is an organisation’s greatest asset, and the challenge is to find compelling ways to engage and motivate their team. Research shows that as employees excel in relationships at home, they also become more engaged and motivated in the workplace. As part of a winning work-life strategy, here’s a list of lunchtime talks your organisation can get started with to benefit your employees and the organisation.

Parenting Talks

Raising Resilient Kids

Helping your child/teen manage stress and emotions

Performing well in school, managing relationships and trying to find their place in this world, how do you know if your child is ready for the transition to teen and can cope? Learn techniques on emotional coaching to build your kid’s confidence and cultivate a positive attitude for learning and living.

Plugged-In Parenting

Engaging your media-savvy child to exercise media discernment

Learn to use gadgets wisely to stay connected throughout the day instead of letting it intrude on family time. Leverage the benefits of media and technology in engaging your children, while discovering practical tips on drawing the boundaries in their usage of media.

Parental Guidance

Equipping parents to address the difficult topic of sex with their children confidently

Do you know how to start open and honest conversations on healthy sexuality, love and relationships with your children? Discover new ways to approach this age-old topic and help them make wise decisions in their relationships.

Marriage Talks

Secrets Your Spouse Won't Tell You

What you need to know for a thriving marriage

The greatest barrier to open communication is usually the lack of know-how when it comes to articulating our innermost thoughts and hopes. Pick up effective tools to take your marriage to the next level.

He Says, She Says

The math and music of communication

Do you truly understand what your spouse is saying beyond their words? Communication is the foundation upon strong relationships are built. Learn to understand the needs of your spouse and the different communication patterns each person utilises.

Ready to Wed

Things you wish you'd known before getting married

Enter into marriage with greater confidence as we help you anticipate possible challenges especially in the early years of marriage. Strengthen your relationship foundation and acquire the skills necessary for building a successful marriage.

Relationships Talks

Love Factually

A young person's guide for developing healthy and lasting relationships

Find out what you have always wanted to know about falling in love and learn how to develop healthy and lasting relationships!

FamQuest (School Edition) + Family-Life Talk

Explore the importance and relevance of family

An interactive game simulating family life in the real world that helps teens understand the importance of family relationships and supporting each other through life's ups and downs. In the accompanying talks, discover how your family of origin influences your values and behaviour, how to understand and communicate with your parents, and start thinking about your future family.

How to Talk So Parents Will Listen

Discover how to get through to your parents

As we enter the teenage years, parents become estranged from our world — or is it the other way round? How do we talk to our parents in a way that we not only get heard but truly understood? Pick up clear and effective communication skills to help bridge the generation gap here.

Work-Life Talks

Loving Work, Living Life

Practical P's for fulfilling your calling at work and at home

Be inspired to find significance in work and life. Learn the 3 Ps to work-life harmony — Priorities, Perspective and Pace.


Energise & Engage

Creating a win-win work-life culture

Individuals are constantly seeking meaning and harmony in career and personal life. Find out how to adapt to changing times and develop a positive and productive team.


Beating Burnout

Managing stress and building resilience for work-life success

Identify your stress triggers and learn how to combat them so as to achieve better work-life harmony.