What is ‘Meet My Boss’?

Meet My Boss goes beyond asking employees to bring their child to work for a day. Nobody wants to bring their kid to the office only to have to worry about looking after them while tackling the day’s work. Go the extra mile and organise Meet My Boss - a half-day to 6 hour programme that has been thoughtfully planned out with the goals of parent-child bonding, community fostering and creating a healthier, happier work environment.

"Research shows that when employees have empathetic bosses, they are more likely to be more motivated, engaged and loyal."

Being an organisation that cares can make all the difference in the world to your staff, show them your concern extends to what they care about too. Worried about finances? You don’t need a large budget to plan a family-focused event that’s meaningful and enjoyable.



“Corporate and management learnt a great deal from this experience watching the kids interact with their parents. It also made us realise that our kids are our future and the importance of investing in them! We have definitely begun a new tradition.”
- ID Architects, Pilot Run of MMB

“When we get home from work, we can talk about our day and they’ll understand better and have more engaging conversations. Who knows? They may even contribute ideas to help me!”
- Mum Participant, ID Architects

Excited to organise your own Meet My Boss? We’ve already done the work for you! Here’s a toolkit that has everything you need to plan and run a successful event. Get started right now.


Why ‘Meet My Boss’?

Empower working parents
Sharing about their job and getting their kids interested in what they do allows parents to stay motivated and bond with their child in a unique way.

Foster community spirit
Encouraging your staff and their children to spend time with each other creates greater investment in each other’s lives, beyond the workplace.

Create a healthier environment
Connecting with your employees' little ones and affirming them in front of their kids lets them know how much you value them, and their families.

The ‘Meet My Boss’ Toolkit

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. This toolkit includes:

  • Programme schedule
  • Recommended activities – conversation starters & fun games
  • List of items that you’ll need
  • Specially designed printables – sticker badges & more
  • Tips to make your Meet My Boss extra special

Get My Toolkit

We know you care, so show it and organise your very own Meet My Boss today!


When an employee faces problems with his family, these personal issues inevitably visit his work life. Taking care of the employee holistically thus also means taking care of his family, because the breakdown of families ultimately incurs a high cost on businesses.

Research has shown that there is a positive return on investing in your employee’s family. The ROI for a company’s investment in the families of their employees ranges from US$1.50 - $6.85 for every dollar spent.

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You play an influential role in reaching and impacting working adults daily. We also offer a free parent-child workshop, Love Literate, available under the Family 365 funding scheme.

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