A PARENT-COACH is a steadfast guide and inspiring mentor to a child for life.

Conducted in small groups of 6-10 participants per run, The Parent-Coach Dialogues are for parents looking to experience a more hands-on, thoughtful and targeted approach to parenting your unique child. Our Family Coaches will journey with you while introducing innovative approaches and providing positive feedback for informed, involved and intentional parenting.

Why The Parent-Coach Dialogues?

  • Engage with your family coach in a safe community
  • Establish new friendships with other parents raising children of the same age
  • Enjoy fresh perspectives and acquire practical tools optimised for your own parenting style

I encourage all parents to make this investment [taking time] to attend this workshop. Because I believe as parents, it's a continual learning journey. As the child goes to school, parents also need to go to school to learn the right skill sets, the right methodology in order to become effective parents.

- Shu Wei (Mother of 2 boys, 6 year-old and 8 year-old)

Because it's a dialogue, we get to interact with other parents and hear from them - what are the things they do with their children, what challenges [they face], so at least it helps us feel that we're not alone. And we could pick up tips from other parents too, so that was good.

- Hannah (Mother of 2 boys, 5 year-old and 8 year-old)

In the week itself, we can apply [the tips] to our children, and we can observe their behaviours, and then we can come back and consult the trainer if things don't go according to how we expect. So, it's not just theoretical, there's also the practical aspect.

- Terrance (Father of 2 boys, 5 year-old and 8 year-old)

Core Dialogues

Dialogue 1
The Parent Species: Becoming the Parent We Want to Be
As parents, how we behave, respond and react matters, as it affects the way our children would think of themselves and the way they make sense of their everyday lives and the world around them. What kind of parent we are is of great importance. All parents desire to be the best parent, producing children who are happy and successful. Learning what kind of parent we are and why, will help us more effectively parent our children.

What kind of parent species are we?

Dialogue 2
C.S.I. (Child Species Investigation): Bring out the Best in Our Unique Child
Our children are unique and their personalities cannot be put into neat “boxes”, and we should not try to. In fact, we are often the combination of one or more of the types, but there is usually a dominant personality type.

As a Parent-Coach, we recognise and encourage the strengths in our child’s personality, and work to help them understand and minimise their weaknesses. Do we know how our child is wired?

Dialogue 3
Creative Correction: Make discipline firm and friendly
It is not always easy to stay calm when disciplining our children. But as Parent-Coaches, we must remember that being emotional and angry does not help. We model for our children the kind of behaviour we expect from them. So let’s learn how we can be firm and friendly each time we deal with our children in a challenging situation.

Dialogue 4
High-5s @ Home: Nurture the Parent-Child Relationship
Making our children feel safe at home is crucial to helping our children grow up assured, confident and out of serious trouble. All family research shows that great parent-child relationships don’t just happen but require intentional effort. We know we love our children and desire to build a close relationship with them.

But, do our children actually know they are loved?

Customised dialogues by age group

Early Years (0-3 year olds)
Starting at the very beginning - these early years are most important to develop a strong and magical bond with your baby. This is the best time for new parents to establish the kind of families you want your babies to grow up in. Discover and learn how you can become the kind of parents you want to be.

Preschool Years (4-6 year olds)
Preschool years are fun though it may be less carefree as they are introduced to the formal learning environment and parents are more exposed to parental peer pressure. Learn to put first things first; parents will be equipped to prioritise their relationship with their preschoolers in these foundational years.up in. Discover and learn how you can become the kind of parents you want to be.

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Primary Years (7-9 year olds)
It is a brand new world for children entering primary school. They will face new levels of social engagement which can be overwhelming. The principles and attitudes they develop in these years of rapid growth will form the bedrock of their values and relationships which will carry into their teen years.

Parents, you continue to have great influence in their lives; help them build a solid foundation at home and in their interpersonal relationships.

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Tween Years (10-12 year olds)
In these years of growing independence, Tweens want to assert their individuality more than ever before and their peers begin to have a stronger influence than most parents would like to acknowledge. In such times, they need a firm but no less loving hand to guide them towards right choices and stand up to the pressures of growing up.

Learn how, as the Parent-Coach, you can continue to be their role model and confidante.

Teen Years (13-15 year olds)
Teens are exploring life with far more peer pressure as they transit to a new Secondary school. Hormonal changes compound the uncertainties they experience. Yet, this is the perfect opportunity for parents to shape and set the right foundations for the early teenage years.

Be empowered to nurture and train your teen towards maturity – as responsible, engaged and fulfilled individuals.

Emerging Years (16-19 year olds)
As teens approach young adulthood, friends might become as important, if not more important to teens as family is. However, it is critical for parents to continue to play a key role in their teens' lives to guide them through this transition.

Learn how to navigate the changes in your teen and continue to build a strong parent-child relationship.



Price Tiers Individual Rate Couple Rate
Per Dialogue $120 $200
All 3 Dialogues $300 $380

Each dialogue consists of two 2-hour sessions.

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