At this age, your child may see someone who is pregnant, or a baby, and express curiosity about where babies come from.

Give a basic explanation that is related to the exact scenario that your child is referring to. For example, “When a man and woman get married, they would want to make a baby. The baby grows inside its mummy’s womb for 9 months. When the baby is ready, he or she will come out of the womb”.

At this stage, your child would be familiar with their body parts. They are also likely to observe and remark on the biological differences between men and women.

For this age group, you should still keep your answer as straightforward as possible, but provide a little more information. For example, “When a man and woman get married and decide to have a baby, a seed from the man’s body will travel to the egg in the woman’s body. That will create a baby. The baby will grow inside the mummy’s womb for about 9 months, and then come out”.

At this age your child will be socialising more, have a wider network of friends and greater access to different forms of media. As they will be exposed to many different opinions, it is important for parents to provide early and accurate information on conception and birth. Use accurate terms when referring to body parts as well.

You could explain that, “When a man and woman are married, they can make a baby. The man and woman’s bodies are made differently, and together, they can make a baby. The woman’s body has ovaries which will make eggs every month. The man’s body has a pouch of skin called the testes behind a man’s penis. This is where sperm is made. The sperm travels in the semen from the man’s penis, into the woman’s vagina, to meet the egg in the woman’s womb. This is how a baby is made”.

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Use a trusted and age-appropriate story book resource to help explain the idea of conception and birth in a simple and child-friendly way.


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