The Heart of Success helped me better understand what my key priorities are in life, and also helped me set a plan to better manage these priorities. The personal activities in the workbook definitely helped too! I will definitely apply these exercises and act on the plans that I set for my work and my life.

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The Heart of Success workshop will introduce your staff to the idea of work-life integration and how to maximize whatever time they have allocated for work and personal life. It is designed to help them get to the heart of true success and serve as inspiration to find significance and purpose in work. Leaving them motivated to exceed expectations in the workplace, and enjoy rewarding personal relationships.

What to expect?

  • Gain practical insight on managing family life and career successfully
  • Learn how to increase job satisfaction and do purposeful work
  • Discover individual strengths and maximize productivity while on the job
  • Begin constructing personal, practical steps towards enhancing work-life effectiveness

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals seeking practical ways to effectively prioritize career and personal responsibilities
  • Teams seeking to enhance productivity by utilizing their strengths both individually and corporately
  • Organizations seeking to establish a common set of core values and boost their bottom-line


Duration: 8 hours (1-2 sessions)


  • Facilitator-led dialogues
  • Small group discussions
  • Personal reflections & assessments
  • Take-home activities

Fee: $160 per person

Fee includes workshop materials and a copy of "The Heart of Success" book by Rob Parsons.

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The 7 Laws of Success covered in this workshop include:

  • Law 1: Don't Settle for Being Money Rich - Time Poor
  • Law 2: Believe that the Job You Do Makes a Difference
  • Law 3: Play to Your Strengths - Find Your Factor X
  • Law 4: Believe in the Power of Dreams
  • Law 5: Put Your Family Before Your Career
  • Law 6: Keep the Common Touch
  • Law 7: Don't Settle For Success: Make a Difference - Strive for Signifi cance

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