I think this workshop is really useful for young adults like us. We are clearer about what relationship building entails, our choices in life and how to make right decisions that we will not regret.

Participant of Sticky Notes and Push Pins


Sticky Notes and Push Pins is a workshop tailored for young people excited about their future and looking to make plans. They will be encouraged to explore what love, dating and marriage means to them and what they should expect in a healthy relationship. This program aims to equip them to make discerning and informed decisions when it comes to their future relationships.

What to expect?

  • Discover personal values and dreams for relationships, marriage and family
  • Discuss physical and emotional boundaries and how to enter mutually respectful relationships
  • Learn effective communication, gender roles and expectations
  • The sanctity of marriage and what it signifies, what makes a right life partner

Who Should Attend

  • Youth between 17-20 years of age
  • Organizations seeking a comprehensive yet candid sharing on the correlation between love and sex, consequences associated with premarital sex and the benefits of abstinence


Duration: 3 hours


  • Conducted by a trained male-female facilitator pair
  • Unique SNAPP! Handbook

Fee: $25 per person

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If you are keen to organise a workshop in your organisation, contact us at 6336 1444/[email protected].

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