I applied these principles in the ensuing years and married a man who became the father of our three children. We are happily married to this day; our friendship is built on some of the ideals that Focus on the Family brought to me when it mattered most.

Participant of No Apologies, 14 years ago


No Apologies aims to have open and honest dialogue with youth about abstinence and making wise decisions about sex. Teenagers are well aware of the potential physical consequences involved in engaging in premarital sex, we address the emotional, mental and social implications in this workshop. We believe that in sharing with them the truth and facts about sex, they will be well equipped to make wise life choices.

What to expect?

  • Gain insights to personal character, values, self-worth, the impact of media and pornography
  • Establish boundaries in relationships, the consequences when those are crossed, whether to practice risk reduction or risk elimination
  • How to build healthy abstinent relationships with the promise of marriage, the beauty of sex, making the commitment to purity

Who Should Attend

  • Youth between 12-18 years of age
  • Organizations seeking a comprehensive yet candid sharing on the correlation between love and sex, consequences associated with premarital sex and the benefits of abstinence


Duration: 3 hours


  • Conducted by a trained male-female facilitator pair
  • Unique No Apologies Handbook
  • Workshop size: 60-80 people

Fee: $25 per person

Contact Us

If you are keen to organise a workshop in your organisation, contact us at 6336 1444/[email protected].

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