We developed a deeper understanding of each other and our differences. The coaching sessions were a safe place for us to communicate difficult issues and respond constructively to them, instead of blaming each other or getting defensive. We really appreciate our coach for listening attentively, giving us life-changing insights and truly caring for us. Thank you for helping us to start our marriage right.

- Programme Participant


A personalised coaching programme designed for couples who are considering marriage, engaged or have been married for 20 years. It aims to strengthen your relationship by facilitating discussion and exploring honest communication. Couples first identify areas of strength and growth through an online assessment before working through their unique issues with a trained counsellor. Taking a step away from traditional counselling, the counsellor’s role is to support and encourage couples as they coach them through the assessment.

What to expect?

  • Increase your understanding of both your personality types and develop fresh appreciation for the differences
  • Explore the relationship dynamics between your partner and you
  • Strengthen communication skills by identifying stress management styles and learning healthy conflict resolution
  • Make empowered and wiser decisions about marriage and life as a team

Who Should Attend

Suitable for committed couples, regardless of the stage or phase of life that you are at. If you’re interested in strengthening your relationship and learning new things about yourself and your partner, this programme is designed for you.


Duration: 3 x2 hr


  • Personalised coaching by a Marriage Coach
  • Detailed psychometric assessments for the couple
  • Participants' Workbooks


Session (Day/ Time slot) New Rate (2 hours x 3 sessions)
Weekday Day time S$500
Weekday Night time S$600
Saturday S$700

This programme centres on personalised coaching and is NOT eligible for any rebates from MSF.

Purchase Programme

Our staff will follow-up with the online assessment and coaching sessions after you've purchased the programme. For enquiries, please email [email protected] or call our mainline at 6336 1444.

Purchase (Weekday Day time) - S$500

Purchase (Weekday Night time) - S$600

Purchase (Saturday) - S$700

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