Every child is worth being celebrated for who they are.

Life is more than just school and accomplishments. Each child is unique and should be affirmed for who they are!

Affirmation occurs when we focus on positive attributes in their actions and attitudes. Take up the challenge as a parent to intentionally seek out your child's qualities beyond the classroom, celebrate their everyday achievements and discover what it's like to be a positive parent.

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Campaign Report

Over 500,000 families joined the Race to Praise their children in 2016! With close to 270 partners, and over 400 entries on our Facebook contest, we believe parents were encouraged to keep affirming their children, and build them up in a healthy way.

“My kids open my eyes and my heart, make me see the world differently, to see people differently…They don't hold grudges or highlight my shortcomings. They accept me for who I am. They remind me not to be so serious all the time. My boys are so fearless. But the falls weren't enough to keep them from trying. They see me as a role model that keeps me [wanting to be] a better son, husband, dad and man. And that is the reason I owe them my love and life.
- Father of two boys

Contest (25 Sept - 9 Oct)

This Children's Day, we're giving out tickets to Charlotte's Web, Resorts World Sentosa Attractions, Sentosa's 4D Adventureland and more (worth over $3,000)! Head on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment sharing what you love about your little one. Don't forget to tell your child why you celebrate them too!

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From tackling school to practical tips to help you keep your child's love tank filled, learn how to do positive parenting.

Race to Praise

Customisable coupons for both parent and child that encourages bonding and everyday ways of topping up your child's emotional love tank.






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