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‘Strong families build strong schools’ - Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)

Building fruitful partnerships with parents for the well-being of students

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 24 July, 2019

Geylang Methodist School (Secondary), or GMSS, believes that strong families build strong schools, and ultimately, a strong society.

At the same time, the school makes a concerted effort to partner parents and involve their own students in family education programmes as it recognises that strong families do not happen by chance.

GMSS does not merely focus on the academic development of their students, they also emphasise character and values, and focus on the holistic well-being of every child.

This is why they believe in their students carrying the responsibility to champion family for the next generation through Family Service Projects.

The school has partnered Focus on the Family across a variety of youth and parenting programmes, such as FamChamps, Love Literate Parent-Child Workshop, and Parent-Coach Dialogues. Just recently, it also organised FamQuest, a simulated family life game for the entire Secondary 1 cohort.

One of its students, Lua Rong Yi, who went through the FamChamps programme in 2018, shared that his main takeaway was realising that family relationships can actually improve with intentional effort. He said, “It helped me believe that even as a child, I have the power to change our family relationships; it doesn't always have to be the adults taking the first step. After FamChamps, I have taken the time to understand my parents and communicate with them better.”

GMSS also has an active Parent Support Group, so that parents can be engaged with the school in its multi-faceted activities and programmes, as well as connected with one another.

Mr Wee Tat Chuen, Principal of Geylang Methodist School (Secondary), shared his philosophy behind the school’s approach, “In the school context, discipline is key for teenagers. I try to help students see that when they are disciplined, they are able to go further, and when they are able to go further, they can become a blessing to others. As a Christian school, we are also able to encourage our students with real-life examples of how God provides strength and grace in our lives. I think this faith helps our teens as they go through their various struggles in this period of their lives.”

Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe, CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore, said, “GMSS is indeed a forerunner in building fruitful partnerships with parents for the well-being of students. I wish the school and its students well as they continue to do their part in building up strong families and communities in Singapore.”

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