Infographic: Essential Conversations About Sex and Sexuality - For parents of primary schoolers

Essential Conversations about Sex and Sexuality - For parents of primary schoolers

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 30 June 2020

Who was your hero when you were 10? Who are your child’s heroes now?

At this life stage where young children are developing their own value system, they are looking for role models that they can emulate. So, choose to be present and connect with them in the day-to-day.

Download this infographic for age-appropriate tips to have open and essential discussions about sex and sexuality with your primary schooler.

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Porn, sexting, sending and receiving nudes are more common and easily accessible than ever before. In this digital age, what and who are shaping your child's views of sexuality? Is it Tiktok, teachers or friends? Or is it you, their parent? Find out how you can be equip your child to meet the challenges of their generation at our upcoming webinar on Relational Health & Sexual Intelligence, happening on Saturday, 24 July 2021!

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