Changes to Student Assessments are an Opportunity for Parental Affirmation

Inculcate positive values and traits that will ultimately help them succeed outside the classroom.

By Judith Alagirisamy | 4 October, 2018

A version of this Forum Letter was submitted to the Straits Times on 4 October 2018.

We are heartened by the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) recent announcement of changes to school assessment (ST: Changes to school assessment: What you need to know, Sep 28).We also recognise that examinations will continue to be part of the assessment process for students.

Therefore, we encourage parents to see exams as an opportunity to nurture and affirm their children. Even as students grapple with the challenges that arise as they acquire knowledge and learn to apply it in an exam setting, guidance and affirmation from their parents will be invaluable.

Research shows that a child who is regularly affirmed and encouraged1, is likely to have greater confidence and resilience, as well as positive healthy relationships with others. Indeed, these are the true hallmarks of success in life.

Parents play a critical role in building up their children to be emotionally healthy and resilient. In recognition of this, Focus on the Family Singapore’s annual Race to Praise Campaign aims to encourage parents to affirm their children beyond just their academic achievements. This Children’s Day, we have distributed free printable resources to schools and corporate organisations, to get parents to pen down their affirmation for their child, and celebrate their parent-child bond.

With the impending changes to the assessments, our hope is that children will have more time to explore their interests and develop a deeper enjoyment for learning. Parents can also shift their focus towards helping their children to identify their skills and abilities, and inculcate positive values and traits that will ultimately help them succeed outside the classroom.

Judith Alagirisamy (Ms)
Family Life Specialist
Focus on the Family Singapore





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