A Daughter and Her 'Mata'

By Rebecca Tan
4 May, 2016

Dear Mummy,

I am grateful that you've taken care of me since young, especially when I fell sick and fed me medicine so that I could get well. The earliest fond memories I have was you taking me to East Coast Park KFC to play with Aunty Kok Leng, Aunty Ang Hong, and the other aunties' children. I felt protected and loved, knowing that you are always there for me. Although you were strict when it came to us, you have brought up the three of us well and we are thankful for the sacrifices that you have made for us.

My young adulthood was definitely not smooth and easy — I still remember the time you were so saddened by my downcast state that you asked what you could do for me. I was touched and strived to wake up at that point and work hard for the impending ‘A’ levels. Your reassurance gave me the strength to go through the stressful exam season. Although I went through a hormonal and emotional stage, I felt assured that you were always behind me and wanted me to be happy and succeed in life. Thanks for being the pillar of support whenever I am in difficult BGR situations and being the ‘mata’ when I need help.

Your advice to save more, spend wisely and being filial are also reflected in your deeds and actions. You have brought up the family well, kept the house neat and tidy, maintained the household so that everything is in order and we have all that we need under our roof. Your ways of constantly innovating in homemaking — such as blending fruit juice, baking homemade bread, using the air-fryer for delicious food recipes, making soya bean, mixing brown rice in our mains have made meals so much more colourful and delicious. I am so motivated to become like you.

If I had the means and time, I would like to be able to spend more time and be more patient in responding to you. I would like to take you to a foot massage every week to relax. I also hope to re-learn driving soon so that I can drive you around instead of having to take a lift from you. I would also like to get you a massage chair so that you can unwind after a tired day of teaching and walking up and down the school stairs. I would also like to take you to eat breakfast every weekend and spend good quality time together.

I know I have been very busy with work and studies the past few years and have not been spending very much time at home and with you. I hope to be able to make the effort to stay at home more, especially during weekends, and talk to you more so that you don’t feel so lonely. I will also buy healthier snacks for you to enjoy given your health condition and make it a point to have meals together. I will try to be a more active listener and reply your Whatsapp messages promptly.



Your daughter Rebecca


Rebecca loves all things pretty, learning new stuff and hanging out with people.

This letter was expressed in appreciation of a mother's love, and was part of our 2016 Mother's Day Campaign. 
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