3 Ways to Help Employees Thrive at the Office

Simple and effective ways to engage your employees

Judith Xavier | 15 February, 2017

In the blink of an eye, we’ve closed the door on 2016 and are firmly planted in a new year! What new challenges and growth opportunities await your organisation this year? Every astute leader recognises that human capital is an organisation’s greatest asset, and the perennial challenge is to find compelling ways to engage and motivate their team.

An effective work-life strategy can be the game-changer that employers are looking for. The reality is, employees do not leave their families and personal lives at home when they come to work, and often, the lines between work and personal time can become blurred. Leaders and managers who empower their staff to manage their careers and personal time through work-life initiatives, find that it makes sound business sense. In fact, a 2016 survey* of the local workforce found that firms that implement work-life initiatives tend to have a lower attrition rate.

Create a Mind-set Change

Striking that balance between success at work and in the personal realm is often an individual choice. However, while many individuals want to achieve it, not everyone may know how to go about it. As an employer, you can provide training and education that will help your staff to maximise their personal efficiency in every area of life. This may range from lunch-time talks and workshops on family-life matters to job-specific training that will raise work efficiency. By investing in your employees’ personal development in this manner, you enable them to make wiser choices, and actively seek out work-life success for themselves.

Have Fun at Work

We instinctively recognise that employees who have fun at work, have established solid friendships with colleagues, and feel appreciated, are likely to be more engaged at work, and go the extra mile when needed. There are some quick and budget-friendly ways that employers can cultivate an atmosphere of fun and warmth without compromising on meeting business goals. Implementing bi-monthly team lunches, inter-department games days, or staff appreciation days, are some ways to do this.

Welcome Feedback

Even the best work-life strategies need to be continually refined, to meet the evolving needs of staff. Apart from the standard staff satisfaction survey, employers should establish regular channels for feedback, to be clued in to the true sentiments of their employees. This might include focus groups with individual departments, regular one-on-one meetings between Management and line managers to identify obstacles to implementing work-life initiatives, and even a traditional suggestions box to gather ideas and opinions. If you find your work-life strategy needs a revamp, or want to get started building one from scratch, working with a consultant may be the most efficient way to do so. Understanding your staff will enable you, as the employer, to create and implement the most effective work-life solutions for your team.

Investing in a sound work-life strategy can benefit both your employees and the organisation. When your team feels fulfilled and accomplished in their personal lives, this will spill over into their work as well; making them more focused, driven and ready to meet the business challenges ahead. Organisations with effective work-life strategies have reported better team dynamics and greater employee engagement that have ultimately had a positive impact on their bottom-line. What changes and refinements will you make to your organisation’s work-life plan today?

*Ministry of Manpower Singapore Report, Conditions of Employment 2016.

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