3 DIYs to Try with Your Kids

By Focus on the Family Singapore
16 Dec, 2015

In the holiday season, parents usually try to get their kids a gift that will convey their love. Instead of finding the latest toys and gadgets on offer, give them the gift that really matters - time. For just a second, forget the craziness of the holidays, and spend quality time with your kids while creating memories that will last them beyond their childhood years. Here are 3 simple activities for you to try out!

Mr. Fix-It

The year-end period is usually synonymous with spring cleaning and fixing items that are in dire need of repair. This year, choose one item to be fixed, and make it a family project - instead of outsourcing it to the professionals as we usually do. Researching the best fix-it methods, and getting the repair done can be a great bonding experience and confidence booster - plus you'll pick up a skill with your child.

No-Bake Dessert

Simple dishes cooked and served with love provide the setting some of our most treasured family memories. If you are still hesitant about your culinary skills, try a fail-safe no bake dessert like a cookie and ice-cream sandwich. Pick up your favourite cookie and ice-cream flavours at the grocery store. Spread the softened ice-cream between two cookies, and freeze the cookies before eating. Better still; make an extra batch to share with a neighbor for the holidays.

Make a Gift

The holiday season doesn't need to be an annual mad dash of gift-buying. Choose a few close family members and friends who would enjoy thoughtful handmade presents. Coffee mugs with a monogram stenciled on for a friend, a clay paperweight or fridge magnet for a grandparent - the possibilities are endless, and can be done simply and inexpensively.

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