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In this time of COVID, many people we know are fighting weariness. In families, we acknowledge that not all relationships are easy to bear or understand, which makes staying home tougher.

Whether you want to broach mental health topics with your kids, or push for greater awareness among your peers, check out #StrongerWithFamily. This micro-site aggregates mental health resources from our digital platforms on issues from grief & trauma, to conversation starters to use with teens and tweens.

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07 Oct 2021
“Parents play a critical role in developing children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. If you notice something amiss, tune in closely and ask how they are doing,” says Susan Koh, a family life specialist
03 Oct 2021
"Work to keep the family atmosphere a positive one so that everyone will enjoy the extended time together at home," [family life specialist Susan Koh] says
20 Sep 2021
"Let your children know that their worth as a person far exceeds what a single examination can measure, and that you are behind them every step of the way," says Ms [June] Yong, a family life specialist at Focus on the Family Singapore

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