Attending Date with Dad was a breakthrough for me. One of the most significant moments was the hair-braiding game, because I touched my daughter's hair for the first time since she turned 5. As a Chinese father, I tend to be a little more distant, but the event has helped us to close that gap.
Father of a 12-year-old daughter*

I realised at Date with Dad that my daughter is no longer a little girl. Hearing her read a poem she penned for me at the event, I was completely in awe and was very touched at what she said. It was a surprise, and probably the most significant moment of all. I'll never forget it.

At Date with Dad, there were questions that prompted a very emotional and sentimental conversation where we shared some very personal details, our thoughts, and fears. I discovered Daddy's fears and worries, and just how unconditionally he loves us. Despite knowing he is fallible and mortal, he still bravely does everything and takes on the world for us. I think we got to see a very vulnerable side of each other, and that has brought us closer.
Angela, 16-years old

I’m glad I attended Date with Dad. It helped me appreciate what my Daddy is doing for me, and know that he really treasures, loves and respects me for who I am.
Samantha, 11-years old
*Names withheld upon request.