A good dad means taking an interest in what your daughter is interested in, encouraging her, being a steady hand in her life, and listening to her heart.
- Dr Kevin Leman,  Psychologist and Father to four daughters & one son

Social research shows that the father-daughter relationship influences a daughter's developing self-image and approach to future romantic relationships.

Date with Dad symbolically celebrates the daughter's coming of age, and highlights the irreplaceable role of a father in preparing her for young adulthood. Every father will be involved in affirming his daughter's worth and imparting values that will anchor her through life's transitions. Featuring a brand-new program, this unique opportunity is exclusively designed for fathers and daughters (aged 12-15 years) to connect through interactive activities, meaningful conversations and a shared commitment to preserve her purity for marriage. The newfound discoveries about each other and memories created will be a significant and treasured milestone in the father-daughter relationship.