Frequently Asked Questions


Can I invite more than one daughter to the event?
This is not encouraged because the event is meant to be an exclusive time for your daughter to enjoy your undivided attention.
Can I bring my wife/son along?
No. This event is strictly for fathers and daughters only.
My daughter is younger/older than the recommended age range. Can she still attend?
For daughters below 12, we would suggest waiting till she is older so that she may fully benefit from the programme.
What modes of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card payment.


How do I measure my daughter's ring size?
Click here to download the ring size finder. Instructions on using it can be found there. We suggest measuring either her ring or index finger.
What if my daughter's ring size is in between two sizes?
We recommend getting a larger size as larger rings can be resized.
What if my daughter's ring size is larger than the size available on the ring finder?
Size 17 is the largest ring size available. Consider using other fingers (e.g. the pinky) or putting it on as a necklace.


Where is Mandarin Orchard Singapore located?
It is located at 333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867. Click here to view the map.
What time do we need to reach Mandarin Orchard?
We recommend coming 30 minutes earlier to avoid the long queues at the registration and the photo booth.
Can I still attend if I have to reach the event late or leave the event early?
As every component of the programme has been thoughtfully crafted to build an atmosphere for deep sharing and connection, missing parts of the programme may affect your (and your daughter's) experience of Date with Dad.

We would recommend that you attend another session or participate in 2018 instead.
Will there be free parking available?
Limited complimentary parking is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thereafter, coupons are available at $12 each.
Is there a dress code?
The dress code is smart casual. For dads, no bermudas, T-shirt and slippers. We encourage the daughters to dress up ☺


What is the programme like?
The programme will include the following:
  • Registration & photo-booth time
  • Welcome & ice-breakers
  • Conversation time between dads and daughters
  • Affirmation & letter-writing
  • Ring presentation
There will not be any speeches or presentations on strengthening a father-daughter relationship. Here are 3 recommended resources on building the father-daughter bond.
What will be served at the event? Is the food Halal?
A variety of finger sandwiches, hot savouries, an assortment of desserts, drinks will be served. The food is Halal-certified. Should you have any other dietary requirements, please indicate it in your registration form.