We'd like to thank everyone who joined us for the Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage Seminar! We hope you enjoyed the personal stories and marriage tips shared by Dr Greg and Erin Smalley. The notes from the seminar are available here.


"Honouring is key for building a strong and safe relationship. In practical marriage terms, it is a decision to see another person as a priceless treasure - recognising his or her incredible worth and value."

DR Greg & Erin Smalley




Cliff Tam and Tam Wai Jia, keeping their heart open to each other

"We've been married for about 3.5 years, so we can understand that whenever we have a conflict, we will experience times where our hearts were closed because we wanted things our way. It is only when our hearts are open, can we then communicate and clear the conflict."

C: "One thing that I really appreciate about Wai Jia is that she is willing to go out to the mission field, and that resonates with me a lot, because then we know that we are on the same team. We can overcome our misunderstandings and conflict because we know that we have a common goal and these issues are not something that will tear us apart."

WJ: "Something that is very rare in husbands but that I see very strongly in Cliff is that he really invests into his wife's life. And I think that's so rare because he is constantly self-sacrificial, thinking what would help me reach the fullness of my calling. For me, this is only something that I discovered in marriage. It's the greatest blessing that I've received."

Tessa Lim & Matt Smith, looking forward to saying "I do"

"We want to keep cherishing each other because the other person's value doesn't change and we should treat them accordingly even when we don't feel the same way at that moment in time. Being engaged is really exciting but different from being married for 5 years. We want to be intentional in making a list of things that we cherish about each other, to keep that list and add to it, and keep referring to it down the track."

T: One thing that I really appreciate about Matt is that he loves me even when he doesn't feel like it.

M: One thing that I really appreciate about Tessa is that she will listen to me and ask for advice, then act on it.

Terence Chua & Chua Xiao Jun, Discovering something new together daily

"Even after being married for 6 months, we were impacted by the need to have a purpose for our marriage. We want to be more intentional in talking about our dreams together which can bring about long-term benefits for our marriage. One thing that we appreciate about each other is that whenever we share, we can be very sure that both of us are always open to trying and exploring new things together."



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