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Why Sticky Notes and Push Pins?

Romantic relationships can be extremely confusing and especially so for teenagers. As they navigate the world of boy-girl relationships, they may be wondering:
•   What makes the opposite sex tick?
•   Why do I go through countless crushes that only lead to heartbreak?
•   Is a meaningful, lasting relationship really out of reach?

Sticky Notes and Push Pins (SNAPP) is a values-based workshop that helps young people envision the future, pin down essentials of love, dating and marriage, and equip them to make healthy decisions towards relationships for life.

Who is SNAPP for?

•   Youth aged 17 to 20 years
•   Organizations seeking an engaging and informative program to challenge young people toward healthy and thriving relationships by imparting good character and values.  

What is SNAPP all about?

A three-hour session conducted by a trained male-female facilitator pair.

Brief Outline
Unit 1: Pin Points
•   A unique person made for relationships
•   Discovering my values
•   My dreams for relationships, family & marriage

Unit 2: Pushing Limits
•   Physical and emotional boundaries in dating
•   Love, lust and infatuation
•   Mutually respectful relationships

Unit 3: Taking Note
•   Communication and differences
•   Gender roles and expectations

Unit 4: Sticking Through
•   Choosing a life partner
•   Marriage – More than just a piece of paper

$20 per person
(Includes a unique SNAPP! Handbook)

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