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Why The Heart of Success?

A 2009 survey of 750 managers in Singapore reveals that 80% placed health and work-life balance above job and pay on their priority lists.* Enabling staff to achieve greater work-life integration is critical to helping organizations adapt to changing times and develop a dynamic, productive team. But more than a management concern about staff issues or an organizational concern over the bottom-line, work-life is a personal issue – it is about making personal choices. So, where do we start?

The Heart of Success workshop is an 8-hr personal work-life effectiveness program that will introduce your staff to the philosophy and principles of work-life. It is designed to help employees get to the heart of true success and will leave them inspired to find significance in work and motivated to give their best in life.

“The worth of this course is greater than anyone can imagine. Sometimes as when we grow older, we get blinded by our commitment to worker harder for money, and we forget the basic reason why we are fighting so hard. It is inspiring to be reminded that we work hard for the family we love.”

Participant of The Heart of Success workshop, October 2008

* 2009 Singapore Institute of Management survey
Who is The Heart of Success for?

•   Individuals and working professionals wanting to prioritize between their career and personal lives.
•   Teams seeking to play to their strengths, both individually and collectively.
•   Organizations wanting to establish a set of core values to guide their future development and enhance their bottom-line

What is The Heart of Success all about?

A 8-hr program which can be conducted over two half-day or one full day

Brief Outline
Overview of Work-Life Philosophy
Law 1: Don't Settle for Being Money Rich-Time Poor
Law 2: Believe that the Job You Do Makes a Difference
Law 3: Play to Your Strengths - Find Your Factor X
Law 4: Believe in the Power of Dreams
Law 5: Put Your "Family" before Your Career
Law 6: Keep the Common Touch
Law 7: Don't Settle for Success: Make a Difference - Strive for Significance!

$160 per person
(Includes workshop materials and a copy of “The Heart of Success” book by Rob Parsons)
Enquire about the subsidy available if your organization is a Family Life Ambassador.

We also provide work-life consultancy services to organizations, working towards a comprehensive winning formula that enhances the company’s bottom line while taking care of employee performance. Our consultancy service includes advice on how your company can take advantage of the enhanced Work-Life Works! (WOW!) Fund (up to $20,000 funding).

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