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Why No Apologies?

Listen to enough students talk about their sexual attitudes and activities and you'll pick up on something contrary to common belief: information makes little difference in behavior. Most would admit that premarital sex is risky. But this isn't merely about avoiding a few traps by "taking precautions". The damage is much more than just physical. It's emotional. It's social. It's deeper than you expect.

We face a conundrum between abstinence education and education on safe sex. The truth is, condoms are not 100% effective so there really is no safe sex. Only “safer sex”. But some say: "The more kids are told they're not supposed to do something, the more they want to do it." We disagree. We believe that in giving young people the truth and facts about sex, they are empowered to make wise choices for living life with no regrets.

Who is No Apologies for?
  • Teenagers aged 12 to 18 years
  • Schools and organizations seeking a comprehensive and candid sharing on the relationship between love and sex, consequences associated with premarital sexual activity and benefits of saving sex for marriage.
What is No Apologies all about?

A three-hour session conducted by a trained male-female facilitator pair.

$20 per person
(Includes a handbook)

Workshop size
60 - 80 pax

Brief Outline
Unit 1: Who Am I?
  • One-of-a Kind You
  • Character
  • Friends
  • What am I Worth?
  • Media Influence
  • Pornography
Unit 2: Boundaries and Choices
  • Boundaries in Relationships
  • Consequences of Overstepping the Boundaries
  • Risk Reduction or Risk Elimination?
Unit 3: Healthy Relationships
  • What is This I'm Feeling?
  • The Beauty of Sex and the Promise of Marriage
  • Abstinence Redefined!
  • Commitment to Purity
 Contact us to find out how you can run this workshop in your organization.

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