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about us

About Us

Focus on the Family Singapore is a donor-supported Institution of a Public Character dedicated to helping families thrive. We partner individuals and organizations to promote strong families through differentiated programs, trusted resources, family counseling and content placement in various media.

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“We must pass on to our children
a better Singapore than the one we inherited.”

- Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally 2013

Focus on the Family Singapore is committed to the positive transformation of our society through the building of strong, loving homes for future generations.

Thanks to our faithful supporters, we continued in 2013 to inspire and enable parents, married couples, working adults and youth to live out time-honored family values. Growing in our advocacy, we championed pro-family values in the media and challenged issues relating to abortion, cohabitation and liberal views on sexuality. This was complemented by regular family life content placements on various news platforms, which enabled us to guide people through the different stages of family life.

In the following pages of this Stewardship Report, you will read more about how the resources entrusted to us have been utilized. With your partnership, we are determined to impact more families and strengthen homes as the primary place where healthy, positive family values are modeled and passed on.

I am glad to announce that Mr Jason Wong has assumed Chairmanship of the Board from November 2013. With your encouragement, Jason will take Focus to a new season of greater impact and outreach in Singapore.

Thank you for loving Family; I invite you to continue journeying with us. It is only through your dedicated support that Focus on the Family is able to remain steadfast in helping families thrive.

Tan Thuan Seng
Founder / Immediate Past Chairman
Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd

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