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In The Press
Focus on the Family Singapore is often sought for our opinion and expertise in family issues. Here are some of our past media features:

As a voice for families in Singapore, we respond to issues that pertain and impact family. Here are some of the national issues that we published responses to:
Support and Comfort Needed for All Expectant Mothers Contemplating Abortion -
December 2014

We welcome the move made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to consider extending pre-abortion counseling to all women.

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The 2013 Marriage and Divorce Statistics - August 2014
Divorce has inter-generational implications that cannot be overlooked, which is why we believe that it is important to break the cycle of divorce.

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Parental involvement in digital media - May 2014
We support MDA’s stance that public education and parental supervision is essential in addressing harmful media influences, and believe that parents need to be equipped to help their children navigate new media.

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Proposed simplification of civil divorce proceedings - April 2014
Instead of focusing on making divorce less adversarial, we propose shifting paradigms to strengthening marriages and providing couples with avenues for support.

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Health Promotion Board’s Sexuality FAQs - February 2014
Sexuality is a complex and sensitive topic, and we appreciate HPB’s efforts to help the public understand homosexuality and bisexuality. As an organization dedicated to helping families thrive at different stages of life, we agree with our Government’s consistent pro-family position, and proposed enhacements to the FAQs on HPB’s website.

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Our Singapore Conversations - September 2012
Singapore’s fertility rate was a hot topic in 2012. In line with Focus on the Family’s mission to help families thrive, we submitted a paper highlighting cultural changes necessary to help turn around our fertility rate based on research and best practices.

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You can view other letters to the press that have been published on our blog.
Media Partners

Focus on the Family Singapore is often sought for our opinion and expertise in family issues. A list of the media publications & channels we work with regularly can be found here.

Radio Shows
Our Specialists & Speakers have gone onto 938Live as guests on Parenting Made Easy, which airs every Thursday at 7pm, and Between Us, which airs daily at 9pm. Some of the topics we have covered together with Producer-Presenters Susan Ng and Angela Lim include:
  • The 5 Love Languages of Children
  • Dealing with Conflict in a Marriage
  • The Importance of Apology and Forgiveness in a Marriage
  • Plugged-In Parenting: Why Parents Need to be Involved in their Children’s Media Consumption
  • Why Would Teens Still Want to Hang Out with their Parents?

We make announcements of our interviews on 938Live via Facebook. Join us on Facebook to get updates!
Listen to Adventures in Odyssey, a Focus on the Family production, from 9.00 to 9.30pm daily on BE 107 FM, a part of Studio Elpizo, a studio with the mission of echoing hope to the community through “beautiful music and inspiring messages”.
Social Media
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