Your relationship with your spouse is the most significant relationship of your life. It can be easy to overlook the simple acts of love and service that your spouse does for you every day.

Make time this Valentine's Day to stop and notice all of the little things that you appreciate about your spouse. Chocolates and presents are lovely to receive but a thoughtful word or note can have a greater impact on your loved one.

Give the gift that lasts this year!

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(The contest has ended.)

It was incredibly touching reading all 337 short love stories shared by many. The love and resilience for your spouse and marriage truly encouraged us. All your stories are truly unique and special in their own way. No one story is more or less precious than the other!

“The thing that kept our marriage going was the patience and never giving up on each other. We battled tough times together – going through joblessness, financial difficulties and battling cancer. We are never perfect but our commitment to our marriage vows & our love for each other brings us to another level.”
- Carol Chin

“I participated in the contest not so much of winning the grand prize, but to test my creativity in appreciating my husband. The contest helped me to think about my marriage in a way which I had not done before. I was insightful to rethink what our marriage meant to me.
- Dawn Ong

I think the one key thing is to appreciate each other's sacrifices, whether big or small. If we can put ourselves in our spouse's shoes, then we will be more grateful for each other, more patient, and stop keeping count. A little empathy has gone a long, long way for my wife and me.
- Low Kian Seh

"Here's a haiku that sums up how our relationship stands out from the crowd, aptly titled #NCYlovesSING :



We met through a friend,
Over chips in a chalet,
Sparks flew much later.

Igors was the place,
Something magical happened,
Sparks flew between us.

We paktor from then,
From uni to work and now,
A married couple!

A home filled with love,
Our kids, a cat and dog,
Plus many more pets!

Our love milestones,
Filled with lovely memories,
Many more to come!”
- Ng Chow Yong


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Marriage is a commitment that should be taken seriously but you can also have fun together as you grow in intimacy and learn the art of loving your spouse more deeply. These resources will help you to celebrate your marriage, learn more about your husband or wife and enjoy the journey as a couple.

Cherish List

Words of affirmation can powerfully strengthen your marriage. Cherish your spouse by writing a list of all the things you love and appreciate about them.

Because I Love You Coupons

We all need a little extra love sometimes and these 'Because I Love You' coupons are a fun way to give each other that little more when we need it!

Date Night Ideas

Get to know and appreciate your spouse more deeply with these six date night ideas

Conversation Starters

Five conversation starters that will help you to communicate and get to the heart of your spouse


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